It is always pleasing to hear back from clients who have made the positive change in their life that they had been seeking. Here is a selection of testimonials which I hope will encourage you to seek the help that you need and deserve

‘My drinking is so much better. I’m more positive about my life and myself’ – Kerry, Farnborough, UK

Kerry was struggling to control her drinking and popping out for a quick drink with friends would frequently turn into a late night and end in upset and tears.

‘Hi Tim,

Hope you’re well.  I just wanted to message and say thank you so much for your help. Honestly I feel like a new person. My drinking is so much better, I’m more motivated and positive about my life and myself. I don’t know how it works and if I need more sessions to continue this or if it’s just changed my mind set. But will defo keep in touch and recommend you. ‘

Client's positive review explaining how hynosis had helped her to overcome her drinking problem and to feel more motivated and positive

11 August 2023

‘So Highly Recommended’ –  Overcoming 40 year phobia – Alison, Woking UK

I worked with Alison for 4 sessions online using  Zoom and we systematically dismantled a phobia that she had lived with for 40 years.

‘So highly recommended.
Having tried hypnotherapy before I am so surprised and pleased with how quickly Tim has helped with my 40 year phobia!’
Screenshot of Facebook complimentary comment
19 July 2023

‘Tim has helped me regain my mojo for life’ – Helen Bracher, Woking, UK

I worked with Helen for 3 sessions. In the first session we discovered and focused on some obstacles that were holding her back from her goal of getting fitter and losing weight.

hypnosis for weight loss





Helen’s strategy also included working with a personal trainer. Just a few weeks after we had worked together, Helen’s motivation was clearly creating the changes that she was looking for.

30 September 2021

hypnosis for weight loss hypnosis for weight loss


‘I can’t be around crumbs’ – Charlotte Watson, Surrey

Charlotte had suffered from an irrational fear of being around crumbs for as long as she could remember. She couldn’t bare to be around them and nor could she eat if there were crumbs around. She would often vacuum whilst others were eating.

Tim helped me overcome my phobia of crumbs in a single session. Really good technique and would recommend

26 May 2021

‘I recommend Tim to anyone wanting to create the change they desire’.  – James Gustason, Salt Lake City, USA

I had the pleasure of working with Tim in November of last year during a hypnosis training we both attended virtually. Tim demonstrated a very genuine and caring approach to helping me during our training together. Hypnosis and transformational change is about finding the resources we all have inside of each of us and Tm has an in depth understanding of hypnosis and how to help discover those resources. During one of our training objectives, Tim hypnotized me and it was obvious that Tim has a passion for helping others. Tim helped me create lasting change to move toward the life I want. I feel much gratitude for his compassion in helping me find the change and make it a reality. I recommend Tim to anyone wanting to create the change they desire.

‘I’ve bitten my nails for as long as I can remember ‘- Luke Warner, Woking, UK.

I have bitten my nails for as long as I can remember. It was a mostly unconscious habit, often taking place while sat on the sofa watching TV or whilst driving.
I have made many attempts to stop, by consciously thinking about it and trying to stop myself. I have gone sometimes months before starting again and going back to square one.
It was an embarrassing, unhygienic, and often painful habit! With the prospect of my wedding on the horizon, I really wanted to try to stop, particularly so my nails looked good for photos. I tried and had been struggling.
But about four weeks ago, I had hypnotherapy with Tim Hearn Woking Hypnosis. I worked with Tim for around 90 minutes over a Zoom video call. This included a conversation about my personal circumstances, the habit, what hypnotherapy is and how it works, and then the main event!
I’m pleased to announce… it worked! Since then, I haven’t even once chewed or bitten my nails. They have grown back to the point of needing trimming and I’ve enjoyed keeping them neat and tidy!
I would highly recommend Tim. He is very friendly and knowledgeable, and I liked knowing that I was working with somebody local.
Thank you so very much Tim for making me feel proud of my nails, and allowing me to look forward to my wedding without the stress of trying to stop through sheer willpower alone.
Better get myself to the local nail bar when they’re open again!
Facebook 5 star review

Luke Warner – Goldsworth Park, Woking. 26 Nov 2020

‘Nothing works for me’ – Mathew, Ascot UK.

Mathew seemed to have some kind of mental block which was really holding him back. Whenever he faced a challenge, the steps required to overcome it seemed overwhelming, and this typically resulted in him just not bothering. Consequently even registering at the local GP surgery was too big a problem to resolve. He also had a major mental block about using a computer and anything to do with the internet.

I was delighted to receive this message a couple of days after our first session:

Hey Tim I’m feeling very good and very positive, I had a computer lesson the day after our session and turns out I kinda knew how they worked all this time, just needed to believe I could – so thank you for that. I’d love another session.

And I received this a couple of days after our second session:

Morning Tim, I’m actually feeling good in a more paced out way, if that makes sense. My goals seems achievable because I believe now, but also I’ve put no unmanageable time frame to them now, so I can just got on with them, rather than doing nothing because it’s all too much. I’ll keep in touch and I’m sure to want to have more sessions personally. Also I have suggested you to a few people. 

I’ve  been having a password issue online and used the finger anchor technique you showed me. I couldn’t remember the password but I’ve stayed calm and I was all good.

Ascot.  7 October 2020

Unrealistic fear – Christina, Woking UK.

I never really thought about hypnosis before for myself, although I have always been curious to find out more.

So when I saw Tim advertising, I decided to give it a go and see if he would be able to help me overcoming an unrealistic fear.

We had a chat and Tim explained how it works and that I would not go to a place where I did not know what I was doing (as seen on TV shows). I was fully aware and listened, and remembered what Tim said. I was fully in control of my own thoughts and the images that I created. I felt safe as we journeyed through the past where I suspected the fear was created.  I felt very calm and relaxed throughout the process. I would definitely recommend it. 

The outcome was that awareness was raised and I recognise the pattern and know how to manage the fear with a bit of humour that was also planted in the process.

Tim’s approach was professional and inspired confidence. The one session has made a lot of difference in my everyday life.

Woking.  17 September 2020

Fear of Spiders – Andrea Green, Woking, UK.

Scared of spiders testimonial

So last Wednesday I had a hypnosis session with Tim in the hope that I could cure my ridiculous phobia about 🕷
Tonight I knew it had worked… as I saw a 🕷 and after a nano second of fear, my brain changed the message. I relaxed, told myself it was as just a spider and left it.
Usually I would have screamed, cried and refused to go in the room until it was disposed of.
So… in a nutshell… if you have a phobia, stress, addiction etc. Check Tim out. It works!
Andrea Green
Woking.  10 September 2020

Stopping Smoking – Kate Brazier, Woking, UK

If you have been thinking about using hypnotherapy to achieve a goal, I can highly recommend Tim. He took the time to question and really listen to my answers, adapting his approach accordingly to provide a truly meaningful and personal experience. I wasn’t sure it would work, but I am delighted to say that I have not had a cigarette since my second and last session with Tim, over three months ago. Yes, you still need some will power, but if you’re minded to achieve something, I would urge you to try it.
Kate Brazier
Woking. June 2020