Challenging times for us all

reasons to self care
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There’s no doubt that living in today’s world can be challenging. At the time of writing, the world is in the grip of the Coronavirus, and COVID-19 is threatening the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe, and jeopardising the livelihoods of millions of us. This comes at a difficult time when the world has become divided on many fronts: financial, political, cultural and racial. Anxiety, stress and mental health issues are now common place and even the environment is under huge stress, with the effects of mass consumerism, industrialisation and globalisation seemingly warming the planet to the point where weather patterns have changed dramatically. These extreme weather conditions have created wildfires on a mass scale in some parts of the globe and severe flooding in other parts.

Self care

We all have a responsibility to play our part in helping to make our world a better place to live, but as individuals it is can be easy to feel a little helpless at times, and overwhelmed by the circumstances in which we live. Whilst it is vital that we all pull together to help tackle the practical problems of our world, I think that there has never been a time in history when it has been as important as it is now that we take care of ourselves. Unless we take time and make efforts to ensure self care, we will struggle to meet the demands that modern life places upon us and be powerless to assist others.

The practical problems of life don’t get solved without planning and decisive action, but before we can succeed in solving our problems, we need to prepare ourselves, physically and mentally.

The benefits of physical fitness through exercise and a healthy diet are undeniable, and many people invest time and energy in a regular exercise regime. It’s probably fair to say that very few people dedicate time to their mental fitness and psychological well being, but those that do are seeing massive benefits.

My aim is to provide you with the support that you may need to help you navigate your way through the challenges of life, especially at this difficult time, and to gain a greater sense of control over the way you feel and respond to life’s challenges. Even though we are in the throws of a nationwide ‘lock down’, hypnotherapy can be conducted very effectively using modern video platforms such as Skype and Zoom.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool and can be effective in overcoming anxiety and stress. Fears and also phobias can be overcome using techniques that have a growing body of evidence supporting their effectiveness. 

Hypnosis can play a key part in overcoming fears and anxieties and techniques and tools from the fields of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), solution focused therapy and positive psychology are also potent in extinguishing the affects of negative thoughts and distorted thinking which are often at the root of the discomfort of anxiety