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‘Safe place’ self hypnosis session

This audio is about 15 minutes long and provides a safe place as a resource for relaxation and calmness. By listening to this a number of times the resource state becomes anchored and can be triggered by taking a deep breath and connecting the word ‘relax’ to the comfortable feelings previously rehearsed

Here is a version of the same recording that can be downloaded as an MP3 for use on your own devices. Safe place audio  – download here

Anxiety Relief – Cue Controlled Relaxation – hypnosis session

One of the keys to combatting anxiety is relaxation. The body (and mind) cannot be relaxed and stressed (or anxious) at the same time. Our ability to relax quickly is actually a learnable skill and when we get good at this we can relax on cue. This can be especially helpful at times when we need to face situations and challenges that might ordinarily make us feel anxious.

Here is a simple guided relaxation audio that runs for about 18 minutes. By listening to this on  a regular basis, it is possible to learn to relax quickly and on demand. Please do not listen to this recording whist driving or operating any machinery. Take your self off to a place where you will not be disturbed for a little under 20 minutes. Put on your headphones, sit or lie back and make your self comfortable and then press play.

You may download and save a copy of Cue Controlled Relaxation hypnosis session by clicking the link  here


Version for use before sleeping. If you prefer to listen to this just before you go to sleep at night here is a version that allows you to gently drift off to sleep (as opposed to emerging from hypnosis in a fully alert state)

You may download and save a copy of Cue Controlled Relaxation hypnosis session for use before bed  here



Download Stop smoking – Daily Log Sheet

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