Free Anxiety EBook and audio files

Hello and welcome and thank you for your interest in my free anxiety eBook:

 ‘Living With Anxiety – 4 powerful Strategies to Overcome it’

You can easily download a copy of this free 42 page eBook, by clicking here

The book is packed with personal insights and information about anxiety. It includes 4 powerful strategies that you can use to manage and overcome your own anxieties, including tips and tactics you can use now.

In this free anxiety ebook there is reference to a couple of complimentary audios that I hope that you will find helpful – you will see these below. The book contains links back to this page, so you can wait until you get to that part of the book if you wish.

Everybody’s story is different, and some people may need a helping hand to overcome their anxieties. If you would like to explore working with me using hypnosis, then I urge you not to delay and reach out to me today.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool which is effective in changing those automatic behaviours and feelings that can spoil life. Don’t let another day slip by without taking positive action.

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Free audios to accompany the eBook

Here are the audios that are mentioned in the book. Listen to them online now, or download as MP3 files to listen to on the go.

Please do not listen to these recording whilst driving or operating any machinery.

Consider listening to these a number of times because repetition will enhance the benefits.

Mindfulness Body Scan

This audio is about 20 minutes long and guides you through a mindful body scan. This helps to get you fully grounded in the present moment by drawing your attention to your breathing and your body. This allows you freedom from intrusive thoughts. By increasing your self-awareness you can enjoy a deep sense of inner calm.

Here is a version of the same recording that you can download as an MP3 for use on your own devices. Download Mindfulness Body Scan here

‘Safe place’ self hypnosis session

This audio is about 15 minutes long and provides a safe place as a resource for relaxation and calmness. Listen to this a number of times and the resource state becomes anchored and subsequently can be triggered by taking a deep breath and connecting the word ‘relax’ to the comfortable feelings previously rehearsed

Here is a version of the same recording that you can download as an MP3 for use on your own devices. Safe place audio  – download here