Are you Scared of the Dentist?

Do you get anxious when it’s time to pay a visit to the dentist? You are not alone – many people are scared of the dentist and find it a stressful experience.

Scared of the dentist
Are you scared of the dentist?

Anxiety is a protective mechanism

It may be that you ‘learned’ to be scared of the dentist when visiting as a child. Anxiety is a protective mechanism and it is your body’s way of keeping you safe and well. Perhaps you had a traumatic time during your formative years, and your brain has made an association that you need to be ‘on guard’ at the dentist. The nervous system’s ‘fight or flight’ response is triggered, creating undue distress.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool which can help you to take visits to the dentist in your stride.

If you are scared of the dentist, hypnotherapy could help you to feel calm and relaxed.

There is compelling and credible evidence that hypnosis is an effective way of overcoming the anxiety that many people experience when having dental treatment.

Pain Management

There is an emotional component to pain, and if you are tense and anxious, this can increase your perception of pain. Hypnosis can be used to ‘re-condition’ the way that you think and feel about having dental work – you can feel more calm and relaxed, and it is also possible to reduce any pain that you may experience.

If you are scared of the dentist regular visits are important

It is vital to keep your teeth in good order by making regular visits. Failure to look after your teeth with the help of your Dentist, will inevitably lead to more serious dental problems.

Tim Hearn at Woking Hypnosis is a specialist in using hypnosis to address anxiety and could provide you with the support you need to make it so much easier to keep your teeth in good order. Sessions can be conducted effectively online using Zoom or Skype.

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