Prices and treatment plans

Free Initial consultation

It makes sense for us to have a chat on the phone, or on a video call, before you commit to us working together; to ensure that we are a ‘good fit’ for each other. A 15 minute chat should be sufficient to determine our ‘compatibility’

Next steps

Hypnotherapy is brief solution focused therapy, and whilst the outcomes can sometimes seem magical, it would not be true to say that hypnosis is magic. There is strong evidence that supports the notion that results improve with more sessions. The number of sessions will depend on the nature of the issue.

Appointments can be booked and paid for on a session by session basis at the individual session rates shown below, though the prices reduce if a package is booked and paid for in advance. Apart from saving you some money, this financial investment acts as a psychological ‘buy in’ – by making this commitment, you are more likely to take the whole process seriously, including engaging in some small tasks that you may be asked to do between sessions (again evidence suggests that this improves the success rates significantly)

Option 1 – In-person sessions

In-person sessions are currently being conducted in Woodham, near Woking, KT15 3PP. This is a quiet accessible location with free off-road parking.

Individual session rate – £75 per session

3 Session program (if booked and paod for in advance) – £210 (equates to £70 per session)

Option 2 – Sessions in the comfort of your home

Subject to mutual agreement, a premium service is available where I would be happy to work with you in your own home. This avoids the inconvenience of travelling and parking, and enables us to see what progress we are making in your own habitat.

Session rate – price on application

How long are the sessions?

In all cases, each session would be a minimum of 60 minutes, but I would suggest that you block out 90 minutes in your calendar, as we would want to get the most benefit from our time together.

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Terms and conditions

As with any medical or therapeutic process it is not possible to guarantee results. Hypnotherapy is a collaborative process, and progress depends as much upon client motivation, participation and commitment as my own. You will be required to be fully committed & motivated, and in return I guarantee that I will do my utmost to help you.


Payment is required in advance of the session, at or around, the time of booking an appointment. Once an appointment date and time has been agreed, this slot will be held for you, as soon as payment is received. If payment is not received within 24 hours, the availability of this appointment slot cannot be guaranteed for you.

Cancellation Policy

If due to unforeseen circumstances any individual needs to cancel an appointment up to 3 days before a session, a full refund may be made by Tim Hearn Woking Hypnosis.

For any cancellations made within 2-3 days of a session, a 50% refund may be made by Tim Hearn Woking Hypnosis.

For any cancellation made within 24 hours of a session, no refunds are available.

If the cancellation is made due to exceptional circumstances (debilitating health issues, loss of family member), Tim Hearn Woking Hypnosis, may consider a larger refund.

If for any reason, or due to unforeseen circumstances, a session that you enroll upon has to be cancelled by Tim Hearn Woking Hypnosis, a full refund of the session fee will be made. Tim Hearn Woking Hypnosis will not be liable for any other expenses.